Freight Handling

Handling the loading and unloading of cargo from point of origin to point of destination.


Ensuring all the products and goods reach the destination in good condition.
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The loading, packing, sorting, storage and delivery of goods and products.
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Supply Chain Management

Handling the entire production flow of a good or service.

Project Logistics

Entailing the process of transporting goods from origin to destination.

Supply Chain Management

Handling the entire production flow of a good or service.

Industries we serve

Food & Beverages

ITC’s logistics’ solutions for perishable commodities are designed to support a demand-driven supply chain. We adapt our delivery resources, storage and warehousing to changing customer needs as volume levels and delivery schedules change constantly.

Industrial goods

The industrial / wholesale industry is prone to constant change and driven by consumer demand. Increased speed, reduced costs, accurate order fulfillment and value-added services are everyday requirements.

Healthcare / Pharma

The healthcare industry needs special care and dedicated transport solutions to guarantee product integrity from door to door.Increased competition, strict patient & product integrity from door to door.


Whether you are a Pakistani company looking to distribute fast moving retail goods to multiple store locations simultaneously, or an MNC entering the Pakistani retail market, ITC is your ideal partner to tackle the challenges of changing distribution networks.

Oil & Gas

Oil remains one of the world’s principal sources of energy and maintaining a continuous supply from well-head to end-users is critical for industry and commerce alike.

What sets us apart



We utilize the latest technology to keep all records straight and secure. Delivering the freight to it’s dedicated location.



Your cargo and deliverables are safe with us. Providing the people, a source they can find reliable.



We prioritize your time. Making sure no shipping reaches late. Afterall no service is credible unless it delivers what it promised.

We have launched a brand-new trucking fleet to accommodate all clients and their requirements, with a modern system and equipment that reflects our integrated I.T infrastructure.
ITC Logistics also provides GPS-enabled real-time vehicle & shipment tracking, to keep you on board at every step of the way. Our web-based distribution and warehouse management facilitates the new era demands, and keeps our extensive network of warehouses & distribution channels connected and coordinated.

We not only exceed in tech but our skilled and professional human resources are set to regulate and deliver quality services.

  • Brand-new trucking fleet
  • Modern Systems
  • Integrated I.T infrastructure
  • GPS-enabled real-time vehicle & shipment tracking
  • Web-based distribution and warehouse management
  • Extensive Network of warehouses & distribution channels
  • Skilled and professional human resource
ITC Logistics values transparency. Our Real Time Tracking is the use of GPS and logistics databases to determine the position of any cargo package, at any moment in time. The parcels are scanned and assigned to a vehicle, whose position is monitored throughout the journey.

People and companies can contact us, and our operator can track the exact location of your parcel, in case of any delay, we will determine the reason for it. Providing the clients with instant and credible information is invaluable to ITC Logistics.
We make sure all your transporting cargo is overseen and managed under the most professional of teams. From intensive documentation of the cargo, to the allotment of shipping tracing numbers, and to making sure everything reaches its destination in time, in the right condition and cost-effectively.

Our analytics and new-age intelligent solutions enable you to choose your own schedule and route where your goods will travel from. You can track everything from its status, to how long it will take for the cargo to reach its destination by the tracking of its barcode and RFID.
We prioritize delivering secure results to our community. Human resources have become an essential and important part of cargo shipment, for its operation and management processes.

Our team is complete with professional innovative thinkers, aiming to provide you intelligent deliverance of your goods.