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Food & Beverages

ITC’s logistics’ solutions for perishable commodities are designed to support a demand-driven supply chain. We adapt our delivery resources, storage and warehousing to changing customer needs as volume levels and delivery schedules change constantly. No matter how the requirements vary, we ensure the availability of fresh products at the customer’s doorstep every day of the year.

Our solutions for the food and beverage industry are designed specifically to perform in both ambient and frozen food environments. Our material handling systems work with packages, cans, bottles, trays, bags and more. We are the preferred partner for pelletized operations, offering unparalleled efficiency, speed & reliability to your supply chain. From bread to cheese to milk and water, ITC’s experts can help you design and implement the best possible solution no matter what your product.

We handle Beverages, Packaged Foods, Bakery & Dairy Products, Frozen Foods, and Seafood & Fresh Produce.


Food and beverages

ITC’s logistics’ solutions for perishable commodities enables support of a demand-driven supply chain to help you adapt operations.

Fright Handling

Industrial Goods

The industrial/wholesale industry is ever-changing and driven by consumer demand. Increased speed, reduced costs, accurate order fulfillment and value-added services are everyday requirements.